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Seizures from tramadol occur at least once in about 0.87% of persons prescribed to tramadol. Risk factors included a history of drug abuse (which might involve high-dose use) and combining tramadol with other drugs.
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Synthetic pain reliever, Tramadol, is today advertised under the brand name Ultram. The mechanism of this medication has not yet been completely discovered but scientists believe it to be very similar to narcotic opiods, such as morphine. Interacting with the central nervous system, Tramadol connects with neurotransmitters in the brain and they modify the way pain is transmitted to the body. Used on a wide scale for the treatment of pain, Tramadol presents an opportunity for substance abuse and unfortunately many people are diagnosed with overdose. Still, Tramadol seems to hold an advantage over non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, having a reduced risk for internal bleeding.
Tramadol is effective in patients with mild to moderately severe pain. It must be adjusted to prevent nausea and dizziness associated with higher doses of acetaminophen iskhodnyh.Tramadol (Ultracet) (37,5 325 mg), the combination proved to be effective for the treatment of fibromyalgia pain without significant side effects.